Fatbike frame bags?

Who on RideFatbikes.com has purchased or made a frame bag, handlebar bag or other similar large-capacity bag specifically designed for fatbikes that allow gear, tools, or other miscellany to be stored on the bike?

I’ve seen some awesome  designs from Revelate Designs  (formerly Epic Designs) on bikes on the web, but have not had the privilege of seeing one in person or trying one.  I’ve also seen some “home brew” creations that look very solid as well.

For the benefit of the fatbike community, I’d like to post questions about gear and gear reviews here, and get comments, feedback and possibly even products to review from those who have used the gear, so the rest of us have the benefit of your experience.

So, who has tried a fatbike bag?  If so, which brand did you choose (or did you mae your own).  What has been your experience with the bag (quality, how much does it carry, durability, ease of use, etc.).  Please post comments, submit a pic of the bike and bag, and let me know if you have a bag design you want to donate for a review.


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3 responses to “Fatbike frame bags?

  1. In the process right now. I’m working with Scott Felter at Porcelain Rocket on both a frame bag and one of his Booster Rocket (10-12L) seatbags. I’m in the build queue now and hope to have the bags sometime in November.

  2. I’ve had a couple bags from Eric Parsons of Revelate. I’d say that the Revelate and Carousel Design Works bag set the standard for gear. Those guys have it dialed in. Scott Felter is making some really clean bags too. I’ve seen his in person and they are impressive as well.

    I’ve recently started making my own bags. Thanks to some guidance from both Scott and Eric. If you like making your own gear it’s a pretty straight forward project. An added benefit is that once you start making things yourself it opens up your world to other things you can make yourself. Plus, when the companies are taking orders, the wait time is usually a couple months. I can get one made in a night or two, so that’s pretty awesome.

    The frame bags are essentially boxes, with some alterations. A seat bag is a whole other thing. My head explodes a little every time I look at all the pieces on one.

    I keep frame bags and top tube bags on my bikes at all times now. I’ve just become used to them. Both my Fargo and Mukluk have bottle mounts on the forks, so the frame bag doesn’t get in the way of that.

  3. I have a custom Revelate Designs frame bag for my Pugsley along with a seat bag, and gas tank. They are rock solid on the durability scale and the fit of the frame bag is absolutely perfect. I also have one of the original Mountain Feedbags that has been perfect for additional storage for a compact digital camera.

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