Poll – best trail for Fatbike Frozen Forty?

Photo credit: RideFatbikes.com

RideFatbikes.com is putting together a 40-mile winter fatbike ride in the Minneapolis metro area in February 2012.  Since several people have already expressed interest in riding, and we’re also working on sponsorships, the next thing we need is a trail.  Ideally, a 10-20 mile loop would be perfect, so people could take a break or opt out if they didn’t want to or couldn’t complete the 40 miles.  It should also be in or near a park or area where sponsors, food and shelter could all be set up.  Let’s find a good trail and set-up an awesome fatbike ride.

So, here are a few trails that are early front-runners:  1) Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve (Three Rivers Park District), 2) Elm Creek Park (Three Rivers Park District), 3) Luce Line Trail, 4) Other (your own recommendation).   Feel free to vote for or identify the trail you think is best, even if you won’t be riding in the event.  If anyone on here is from MORC or REI or any place that has insight on trails, please give us your input.


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4 responses to “Poll – best trail for Fatbike Frozen Forty?

  1. For me it would depend on what trails were available. Forty miles using nothing but single track would be questionable. If you were to use Murphy or Elm Creek, would the use of the horse trails, snowmobile trails and the multi-use trails be an option? Some varying terrain would be nice. Luce Line is just way tooooo flat. Are there any gravel options near the Twin Cities??

    • Good feedback, thanks! I agree that it needs to be more open than singletrack, and more interesting than completely flat straight line snow-covered paved trail. Elm Creek has a large network of hiking/horse/bike/ski trail that might be usable. That would certainly allow for some interesting route configurations. Plus, Elm Creek has a great amount of parking, shelter, and everything necessary to make such an event fun for sponsors and participants. I’ll be checking into whether Elm Creek could host us. If anyone else has ideas, contacts, or has had success with snow rides in a specific area near the TC metro, please share your thoughts.

  2. Elm Creek would definitely be my first choice. My friends and I ride there all the time both day and night. If there is access to the horse trails you could easily put together a 40 mile ride. It would be awesome!!!!

    • Unfortunately, it appears Elm Creek is only open to such an event on the singletrack. Since that is miles away from the chalet and they won’t allow us to ride between the singletrack and chalet, that means we wouldn’t have access to the benefits/amenities of the chalet, which include warming area (for sponsors, support, those who want a break during the ride), restrooms, area to gather before or after the event, staging area for sponsors/demos, etc. I guess it’s on to Plan B, unless we can somehow still make it work at the singletrack area.

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