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Lots of new fatbike products & developments

Twenty2Cycles.com - "Bully" snowbike

Photo submitted by Twenty2Cycles.com (RideFatbikes.com reader)

In checking out a few recent posts and updates from Surly, Salsa, Speedway Cycles (home of the Fatback in Alaska), Twenty2 Cycles (handmade fatbikes in Vail Valley, CO) and elsewhere, it appears the 2011-2012 fatbike season is going to showcase significant new and redesigned products.

New Developments.

  • Surly has a new colored (powdercoated) red, white or green Rolling Darryl rim, to add to their new Clownshoe rim, their Big Fat Larry tires, and their other recent developments.  They’ve got a new Black Ops Pugsley, the Moonlander, and some cool new tire options.  Check out Surly’s parts section of their site here.
  • Salsa has a Mukluk 2 complete, a Mukluk 3 complete, and a Ti Mukuluk, so the options for someone looking for a ready-to-go fatbike or those who want to build from a frame are plentiful, even if you look no farther than the Salsa brand.  View the Mukluk options here.
  • Other brands, like the Fatback, continue to revamp and improve their line, and the Fatback blog (here) has some great information about their newly redesigned fatbike frames, photos, and explanation of the benefits of their chosen geometry.
  • Twenty2  Cycles (a sponsor of the upcoming Fatbike Frozen 40, February 11, 2012) has a beautiful titanium fatbike they are just launching, called the Bully.  They’ve just dropped all the new low-down on this amazing looking ride at their site, which you can view here.  These guys are hitting the fatbike world hard, and were just mentioned in a recent Outside magazine blog, here.  The stunning ti fatbike you see featured in this post is the Bully from Twenty2 Cycles (more at Twenty2Cycles.com, on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/Twenty2Cycles  and Twitter: @Twenty2Cycles).

One of each, please.

If any of the above companies are reading this, I’d like one of everything, please.  It all looks awesome.  For readers of this site, please let us know what new bikes and products you think are the most significant developments or of the most interest to you.  If you’re already rocking some of the new stuff, feel free to leave a comment to let others know.  Or, if you don’t want to send me the products for free but would like to get the word out, feel free to send some photos of your new fatbikes or fatbike products to Brad At ride Fatbikes dot Com, or drop me a line letting me know you’d like to sponsor the site.

Where should you go looking for a fatbike? 

If you are in Minnesota, I highly recommend a few local shops.  Milltown Cycles (in Faribault, MN), Angry Catfish (in Mpls), and Freewheel Bike (in Mpls and Eden Prairie) are all “fatbike friendly”, knowledgeable, and good folk.  If you are looking somewhere other than MN, I’d recommend you take a look at the Fatbike Library (FatbikeLibrary.com) and look at the listed shops.  If you don’t see your favorite listed, leave a Comment.


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Gear and Reviews page now available!

As the RideFatbikes.com readership continues to grow, I thought a gear and reviews section might be appropriate.  Check out the new Gear and Reviews page, and feel free to post a comment or mini-review of your own.  Or, if you’ve got gear you’d like to see featured here, let us know.

For the first review, I’ve featured the very nicely handcrafted Salsa Mukluk frame bag by Errin Vasquez.  Check it out.

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Fatbike frame bags?

Who on RideFatbikes.com has purchased or made a frame bag, handlebar bag or other similar large-capacity bag specifically designed for fatbikes that allow gear, tools, or other miscellany to be stored on the bike?

I’ve seen some awesome  designs from Revelate Designs  (formerly Epic Designs) on bikes on the web, but have not had the privilege of seeing one in person or trying one.  I’ve also seen some “home brew” creations that look very solid as well.

For the benefit of the fatbike community, I’d like to post questions about gear and gear reviews here, and get comments, feedback and possibly even products to review from those who have used the gear, so the rest of us have the benefit of your experience.

So, who has tried a fatbike bag?  If so, which brand did you choose (or did you mae your own).  What has been your experience with the bag (quality, how much does it carry, durability, ease of use, etc.).  Please post comments, submit a pic of the bike and bag, and let me know if you have a bag design you want to donate for a review.


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