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Welcome to the Fatbike Library!

If you’re looking for information about snowbikes and fatbikes, you’ve found the right place.

Until now, it’s taken a fair amount of searching via Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find all the info you want about fatbikes, organized in a single place.  RideFatbikes has launched (9/26/11) what we believe to be the first ever Fatbike library.

Please follow @RideFatbikes and tweet about the Fatbike Library to your followers.  The fatbike library can be found at FatbikeLibrary.com, and the more everyone can contribute to it, the more useful this will be to other fatbike enthusiasts like yourself.  Please contribute ideas or resources you’d like to see in the fatbike library, or contact us if you’d like to sponsor this page.  Broad areas of interest covered in the Fatbike Library include:

  • Fatbike Manufacturers
  • Fatbike parts and gear
  • Fatbike-friendly shops (those that sell and service fatbikes)
  • Fatbike rides/events
  • Other Fatbike websites, blogs, etc
  • Wheels/Wheelbuilding

Fatbike Manufacturers

Surly (home of the Pugsley and recently released Moonlander)

Salsa (the Mukluk, Mukluk Ti and other fine fatbikes can be easily purchased or equipped, thanks to the design and production efforts of Salsa)

9 Zero 7 (aluminum and titanium fatbikes from Alaska; titanium frame has a lifetime warranty)

Fatback Bikes (one of the original fatbike manufacturers from Alaska, with one of the first frames designed for 170mm symmetrical build rear hub/wheel)

Twenty2Cycles (beautiful handbuilt titanium fatbikes from an up and coming Colorado company)

A-Train Cycles (nice looking handbuilt steel fatbikes from fatbike Mecca, or at least runner-up mecca, Minnesota)

Black Sheep Bikes (very unique handbuilt titanium bikes, like the Black Sheep Eon – 2008 North American Hand-built Bicycle Show (NAHBS)
Titanium Bicycle of the Year)

Schlick Cycles (I’m not very familiar with this company, but they have a fatbike called the Northpaw, and they’re located in WI, so they’re worth keeping an eye on)

Carver Snow Bike (Snow bikes in Maine? Why not. These guys are building some cool stuff in ti, including a nice set of ti handlebars I think look great; their snow bike in ti also looks like it might be a great value)

Sandman bikes (snowbikes built in Belgium; who knew?)

Fatbike Parts and Gear

Revelate Designs (very nicely designed bags for fatbike adventure races & more)

Surly (the definitive and constantly evolving source for fatbike wheels, tires, cranks, etc.)

Salsa (fatbike bars, the gear-hauling “everything cage”, etc.)

Fatbikes.com (frames and parts from Chain Reaction Cycle in Anchorage, Alaska)

Bar Mitts (pogies / bike handlebar mittens from Carson City, NV – “Ride in Comfort”)

Fatbike-friendly Bike Shops

Freewheel Bike (Mpls & Eden Prairie, MN)

Milltown Cycles (Faribault, MN)

One On One Bike (Minneapolis, MN)

Speedway Cycles (Alaska)

North Central Cyclery (Dekalb, IL)

The Gear Exchange (Glenwood Springs, CO)

Fitzgerald’s Bicycles (Jackson Hole, WY)

Great Northern Bicycle Company (Fargo, ND)

Paramount Sports (Fargo, ND)

Olympia Cycle and Ski (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Fatbike Rides and Events

Fatbike Frozen Forty (February 25, 2012 – Elm Creek Park, Maple Grove, MN)

Arrowhead 135 (International Falls, MN)

Iditarod Trail Invitational (Iditarod Trail, Alaska)

The Fatbike Race Calendar from Twenty2Cycle (huge compilation of known fatbike rides and events)

Triple D Winter Race (Dubuque, IA)

Cold Bear Challenge (Elk River, MN)

Actif Epica (Crow Wing Trail, southeastern Manitoba)

Teton Valley Great Snow Festival (Grand Targhee Resort, WY)

Equinox Snow Challenge (West Yellowstone, MT)


Cool Fatbike Websites, Blogs and More! 

Guitar Ted

Fatbike in the City

Joboo and His Pugsley


The Fatbike Thread on BikeJournal

Frontage Roads

Pugsley on Patrol

Manitoba Fatbike

Fatbike Wheels/Wheelbuilding

Lace Mine 29

Fatbike Library (FatbikeLibrary.com) is owned/operated by Ride Enterprises, LLC.  Copyright 2011.

11 responses to “Fatbike Library

  1. Craig Smith

    Another great Fatbike friendly bike shop… North Central Cyclery in Dekalb, Illinois.

    They not only carry Salsa & Surly, they ride them, and even commute on them.

  2. Craig Smith

    Here’s a great site for Fat Bike parts…

    • Craig, that’s a good site, and I’m aware of it. I’ll add it to the fatbike library at FatbikeLibrary.com, thanks for mentioning it. That said, there are certain items I’ve found are very difficult to find there, or anywhere else. Titanium handlebars, for example. I’d like to know what companies sell them, what fatbike riders think of the ones they’ve tried, and so forth. I’m sure I’m not alone. Plus, what if someone is looking for 170mm hubs to run non-offset wheels in a Mukluk, a 9Zero7, a fatback, or the like… I haven’t found many sites that list the brands that make such hubs or even companies that have experience building fatbike wheels. If anyone has some good resources to add, let me know and I’ll post them in the Fatbike Library.

  3. Here’s one, Pugsley on Patrol, a Scottish based site about the Surly Pugsley.

  4. Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Jackson Hole, WY has been a big FatBike shop for 5 years now. The snowbike riding in this area is EPIC http://www.FitzgeraldsBicycles.com

  5. The Triple D Winter Race is a super popluar event in the Midwest drawing about 100 racers each year. More info on their site at TripleDRace.Blogspot.com

  6. Jason

    Fargo has 2 shops that know fatbikes, and they’ve started fatbike group rides as well! Both are great shops, and fat bikes are usually always in stock. GNBC will be hosting a winter bike race on January 29, 2012, which should prove to be another great event.

    http://www.gncycles.com/ Great Northern Bicycle Company
    http://paramountsports.net/ Paramount Sports

  7. Additions for the library, from Winnipeg:

    Fatbike shop: http://www.olympiacycle.com
    Event: http://www.actifepi.ca
    Rides: http://www.manitobafatbike.com

    Cheers on the collection so far.

  8. Another Fatbike event in Fargo, ND is B-B-BRRR (there’s a Fatbike category). It’s only a 10k and this is only the 2nd year, but we had close to 70 riders last year. It’s a looped course that uses the frozen Red River, multi-use paths, and prairie grass as the trail. The date is January 29th so it conflicts with Arrowhead 135, but if you’re not headed there, come see what Fargo has to offer.

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