Fatbikes get some attention at Interbike 2011

It should come as no surprise to fatbike riders that fatbikes are turning some heads at Interbike this year (2011).  Take a look at this terrific article featuring

the beautiful Fatback bike from Speedway Cycles in Alaska.  I’m hoping to hear more from Speedway and possibly feature some info about their bikes, fatbike photos and more here at Ride Fatbikes, but in the meantime you should definitely see the good press from mtbr magazine.

Fatbike popularity, use, and options available should continue to improve and grow, which is good for fatbike riders, bike/equipment manufacturers, bike shops, cyclists, and bike advocates.  Let’s keep the momentum flowing – tell your friends about RideFatbikes.com or follow on Twitter (@RideFatbikes) so we can spread the good word.


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2 responses to “Fatbikes get some attention at Interbike 2011

  1. FatBikes now, are like how 29ers were how many years ago, when they started to blow up.
    Except FatBikes are MUCH COOLER!!! 😉


    • I agree. Fatbikes are definitely cool, and much like 29ers, they make sense as a progression of what mountain bikes have been, and where they are going. I look forward to watching fatbikes grow, as snow and sand riding bring cycling into a new dimension.

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