Rent Fatbikes

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We’ve had several readers inquire about fatbike rental.  Fatbikes are an investment, and many riders don’t want to make such an investment without trying them first.  While many shops offer demo bikes for a quick ride, what if you want to rent fatbikes to try for a weekend, use one for a race, or see if they are as much fun as everyone says they are?

On this page (which you can find through, we want to list shops that offer fatbike rental, througout the country.  Several riders have asked if they can rent fatbikes for The Fatbike Frozen Forty.  While there will be a team format for riders who want to share a fatbike, we’d also like to hear from shops or companies that might offer fatbike rental at the event or in advance of the event.

Please post a comment here with information about how to rent fatbikes, so our readers can contact you directly.  Or, Contact Us if you would like to sponsor this page to advertise your fatbike rental options to everyone.

Fatbike Rental Resources:

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