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Fat is getting even cooler (thanks Surly)

Surly, one of the great advocates/proponents of fatbike culture, and an integral part of the Minnesota bike culture, generally, just launched some cool stuff.  Check out the Surly blog, and yesterday’s post (August 24th), here.

Photo credit: Surly Bikes (surlybikes.com)

It appears the amazing and comment-inducing 3.8 inch fatbike tires of today, are going to be upstaged by ridiculously large 4.7″ tires in the Surly Moonlander (sold as a complete).

Maybe you want new tire choices for your current fatbike?  Surly has that covered, too.  They’ve got a more “street ready” Black Floyd, a knobby Nate 3.8, an improved Marge Lite rim, and a 100mm Clownshoe rim.

Surly’s always got cool things going on. Surly has made continuous and ongoing improvements to fatbikes.  Thanks for keeping it interesting Surly.

Check out the announcement at the Surly blog.

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