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Elm Creek for Fatbikes?

If you live in or near Minneapolis, and you hike, bike, ski, or snowsRideFatbikes - Elm Creek 2hoe, you know the Three Rivers Park District Parks are amazing.

Sunday, I had the fortune of getting up to Elm Creek Park (Maple Grove area) to try out some of their mountain biking trails on my Mukluk.  The trails are serene rolling grass/dirt trails in a beautiful and scenic park setting.  It’s not aggressive mountain bike singletrack, but it makes for a beautiful ride, great workout, and a chance to appreciate the great outdoors in Minnesota.

For those who want a few trail photos, I’ve included a few photos of my Salsa Mukluk exploring the trails at Elm Creek Park.

I’m still scouting for a venue for the Fatbike Frozen Forty,  so if anyone has any contacts at Three Rivers Park District, or you know how to get an organized ride going at a venue, leave a comment.  RideFatbikes.com needs some help in mkaing the Triple F a snowbike ride we can look forward to annually in the MN twin cities metro region.  To do that, we need a venue, sponsors, and volunteers. 

What’s your favorite fatbike park in Minnesota?  Please leave a comment so we can learn about the favorite fatbike parks for RideFatbikes.com Minnesota readers.

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