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Poll – best trail for Fatbike Frozen Forty?

Photo credit: RideFatbikes.com

RideFatbikes.com is putting together a 40-mile winter fatbike ride in the Minneapolis metro area in February 2012.  Since several people have already expressed interest in riding, and we’re also working on sponsorships, the next thing we need is a trail.  Ideally, a 10-20 mile loop would be perfect, so people could take a break or opt out if they didn’t want to or couldn’t complete the 40 miles.  It should also be in or near a park or area where sponsors, food and shelter could all be set up.  Let’s find a good trail and set-up an awesome fatbike ride.

So, here are a few trails that are early front-runners:  1) Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve (Three Rivers Park District), 2) Elm Creek Park (Three Rivers Park District), 3) Luce Line Trail, 4) Other (your own recommendation).   Feel free to vote for or identify the trail you think is best, even if you won’t be riding in the event.  If anyone on here is from MORC or REI or any place that has insight on trails, please give us your input.


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