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Grand Targheee Resort Fatbike Video & Recap

The press release and information below were sent to us by RideFatbikes.com reader, Andy Williams.  Grand Tarhee held a fatbike event recently on the ski trails.  Hopefully this is the first of many stories of cooperation between fatbikes and ski resorts, parks and other recreation areas.  While XC skiiers deserve trails to themselves, it’s also fair to expect that as the fatbike community grows, we should be able to respectfully develop cooperative relationships for shared or alternate use of trails (using selected trails with permission only, on days/times designated by trial managers).  RideFatbikes.com would like to thank Grand Targhee for exploring this world of options, and Andy Williams for sharing this information with us!  While the press release below uses the term snowbikes throughout, we at RideFatbikes.com obviously prefer the term fatbikes!  🙂

Grand Targhee Resort Snow Video

One recent Saturday the Grand Targhee’s lower parking lot was packed with skiers, boarders and bikers.  Twenty or so guests were getting ready to enjoy Grand Targhee’s Nordic Trail System, not on skis, but on snow bikes.   Grand Targhee is the first ski resort in the United States to embrace and endorse snow biking on its undulating and twisty 15 kilometer Nordic trail system.

Andy Williams, Grand Targhee’s Special Events/ Summer Trails and long time snow biker, was pivotal in paving the way for Grand Targhee to encourage snow biking on the Nordic trails.

“After enjoying the mountain bike trails in Rick’s Basin during the summer, I couldn’t help but think that the winter riding would be amazing,” Williams stated.

“Snow biking provides another recreational opportunity for guests to enjoy nature in the Tetons,” Williams says.

The local, and growing, snow bike community agrees.

Dave Byers, a local snow bike race organizer and cyclist, recently blogged “I applaud Grand Targhee Resort for their forward thinking and willingness to try something new. As long as snow bikers follow the rules and respect the trails when conditions are soft, I feel as if snow bikers and the Nordic skiers can coexist peacefully on the trails.”

The snow bike was created to go where standard mountain bikes flounder because the riding surface is too soft.   Similar in look to a hard-tail mountain bike but with fat balloon tires, a snow bike has much wider clearances in the front fork and rear triangle to accommodate tires up to 4” wide.  These large-volume, low-pressure tires provide floatation on soft surfaces such as snow and sand that would make the terrain otherwise unrideable.    Snow biking is increasing in popularity in winter climes as cyclists look to extend their outdoor riding season year round.

Snow bikes are permitted on Grand Targhee’s Nordic Trails as long as riders purchase a Nordic ticket for $10 per day or a Nordic season pass for $115.  Grand Targhee Resort will also host its first snow bike race on January 15, 2012 in conjunction with Teton Valley, Idaho’s Winter Festival.   Grand Targhee’s snow bike race offers three distances, 15K, 30K or 45K in men’s and women’s categories.   Event registration is available online until January 14, 2011 at www.athlete360.com or the day of the race from 8:00 am to 9:15 am.  Online registration is $30 for the 45K race and $20 for the 30K and 15K races.  Day of registration is $40 for the 45K race, $25 for the 30K and $25 for the 15k race.

Snow bike rentals are available at Grand Targhee at Teton Mountain Outfitters or in downtown Driggs, Idaho at Habitat.  Habitat also sells the Surly Pugsley and Moonlander snow bikes.

Snow Bike etiquette for Nordic Trails.

  • Ride groomed ski trails only if they are open to snow bikes.
  • Ride only snow bikes with high floatation, fat tires.  Adjust your tire pressure to avoid leaving ruts.
  • Ride when the snow is firm enough to support you and your bike.   If you leave a rut more than a 1” deep or have trouble ascending or descending, then conditions are too soft and you should not ride your bike.  If you must walk a hill or other section, walk to the side of the trail so that footprints are not in the main skate lane.
  • Yield to skiers.  Give skate skiers plenty of room.
  • Do not ride in the classic ski tracks.
  • Let recently groomed tracks set up several hours before riding.  For example, wait until after 10 am on a morning which the track is groomed at 7 am.
  • Purchase trail passes or make donations to those organizations which groom the trails.

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Fatbikes at Resorts – The Beginning

Screaming down groomed trail by fatbike

Screaming down groomed trail by fatbike

In my biased opinion, one of the best things to come from the Ride Fatbikes website is the community that it creates, and the fact that all fatbike riders can share their experiences and ideas to improve the ride for everyone else.

Just this week, one reader (Andy W), sent a photo and a link to an awesome article on XXCMag.com.  As it turns out, Andy was lucky enough to ride a fatbike screaming down a groomed XC ski trail in Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.  Fatbikes and groomed cross country ski trails are a perfect match, except for the fact that I’m aware of very few XC ski trails that would invite or welcome fatbikes to share the trail.

As it turns out, I’m also a snowboarder.  While I took up the sport after resorts had begun welcoming snowboarders (and the amazing commercial opportunity resorts got from allowing snowboarders), there was a time where only skis were welcome, and snowboarders were considered houligans.

Maybe some day in the future fatbikes will find more XC ski trails and resorts open to them as well.   Hopefully Grand Targhee resort is just the beginning.

Kudos to Grand Targhee resort (www.grandtarghee.com) in Alta, WY for welcoming the fatbike!  Kudos to Andy for blazing new trails, and thanks for sending the photo and article!  The article, written by Dave Byers, can be found at XXCMag.com, here: http://xxcmag.com/archives/4318.

Are any other readers finding XC ski trails or other awesome trails to explore by fatbike this season?  Leave a comment so we can all learn what’s going on across the country as the fatbike community continues to grow.




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Need your help / input

Readers – many of you have responded positively via email and comments to the planned February 2012 Fatbike Frozen Forty.  I’ve been discussing sponsorships with several companies who will undoubtedly enhance this event, and make it well worth attending.  Read below and you’ll see we’ve got a preliminary date set.

While it is still early, and the event planning is in its beginning stages, some fun things are coming together.  To help, please leave a comment or send me an email to brad AT ride Fatbikes dot com.  The three current issues I need some help with from the loyal Ride Fatbikes community are the following:

1) Trail Selection Help

2) Insurance Ideas

3) Volunteer and rider sign-up

Trail Selection.  The most popular trail in our poll so far is Elm Creek.  However, it appears they may want us on the singletrack trail, rather than the multi-purpose trails.  I’ve been out there, and the singletrack trails, while awesome in summer, are somewhat narrow for winter riding.  It’s a 12-mile loop, so we’d run approximately 3 loops.  The downside is that while the main indoor facilities are within a long ride or a close drive, the trailhead does not have an indoor area for volunteers to hang out, sponsors to promote themselves or riders to warm-up.

Can someone on here suggest another metro area trail to explore?  Criteria include – sufficient area to ride 40 miles with no more than 4 loops, ample parking, room for sponsors, gathering and warming up, and (obviously) snow-covered trails.  Ideas?

Insurance.  I’m sure many small events run with a liability waiver/release only, but I’m exploring insurance.  If anyone reading has set up a small bike event, can you recommend resources for single-day event insurance?

Volunteer and Rider Sign-up.  This is preliminary, but it’s quite likely the event will occur February 11, 2012.  I’ve had several people comment or email that they are in and will be riding.  We’ll also need volunteers to help with day-of-event organization, points of contact, and mechanical help (tire flats, broken chain).  If you are in for either volunteering or riding, please send an email to Brad at Ride fatbikes Dot Com or leave a comment with your name and email below.

Thank you for any help you can offer.   I’m not wishing for snow yet, but when it comes, it will be fatbike season!

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Poll – best trail for Fatbike Frozen Forty?

Photo credit: RideFatbikes.com

RideFatbikes.com is putting together a 40-mile winter fatbike ride in the Minneapolis metro area in February 2012.  Since several people have already expressed interest in riding, and we’re also working on sponsorships, the next thing we need is a trail.  Ideally, a 10-20 mile loop would be perfect, so people could take a break or opt out if they didn’t want to or couldn’t complete the 40 miles.  It should also be in or near a park or area where sponsors, food and shelter could all be set up.  Let’s find a good trail and set-up an awesome fatbike ride.

So, here are a few trails that are early front-runners:  1) Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve (Three Rivers Park District), 2) Elm Creek Park (Three Rivers Park District), 3) Luce Line Trail, 4) Other (your own recommendation).   Feel free to vote for or identify the trail you think is best, even if you won’t be riding in the event.  If anyone on here is from MORC or REI or any place that has insight on trails, please give us your input.


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