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Expanding the Fatbike Gallery

In the explosive growth of fatbikes, I’ve noticed that many fatbike riders take their bikes on epic rides, in amazing places.  Plus, fatbikes represent different things to different people.  Some use their fatbikes for loaded touring in unique adventures; others use fatbikes for recreational snow riding.  Some fatbike riders ride beaches, some commute by fatbike, and others live for snow bike racing in extremely cold and challenging conditions.

The Fatbike Gallery was developed to allow current fatbike riders and enthusiasts to have a place to share pics from fatbike adventures and recent fatbike rides, to show off photos of their own fatbike builds, and to see what other fatbike riders are up to.

Since there are people on the sidelines wondering what fatbikes are about and what makes fatbiking worthwhile, the gallery might push them to explore fatbiking for themselves.

In the short time since the Fatbike Gallery was developed, we’ve had photo submissions from the following individuals/blogs/companies, and we hope they keep coming:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted fatbike photos to the gallery, and please continue to do so!  When someone wants to see great photos of fatbikes in cool venues and adventures, they should have to look no farther than FatbikeGallery.com.

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Fatbike Gallery just launched!

With the growing population of fatbike designs, and new introductions from several companies (like the Surly Moonlander, Salsa Mukluk 3 and Mukluk Ti and more), we decided a Fatbike Gallery was necessary to showcase photos from riders and from manufacturers.

For now, you can find the Fatbike Gallery through RideFatbikes.com on the “Fatbike Gallery” page.  Or, simply link to it from FatbikeGallery.com.

If you’d like to proudly display your fatbike on the fatbike gallery, please leave a comment or send your photo to Brad At Ride Fatbikes DOT com.

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