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Winter commuting in MN

Last week, I was fortunate to commute by bike to work twice in the week.  It was cold, but the small amount of snow we had so far was gone so the streets were free of the icy conditions that can make bike commuting even more dangerous.  On Friday (December 2nd) the temp was 14 degrees as I rode into work in the morning, and it didn’t get much warmer by evening.  However, as many winter bikers and fatbikers know, dressing for the weather makes all the difference.

I typically don’t bike commute much in winter due to ice/snow on streets making it even more difficult than usual to stay safely clear of cars, but the rides this week were great.  By bike, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of winter that are always missed when you drive.  I kept some warm coffee in a Polar Bottle in my frame bag, and at stoplights I had a chance to refuel and warm up with some piping hot coffee.

Let’s hear some winter commuting stories!  Share your favorite winter commuting experiences, stories or pics on   Add a comment to this post or email me and I’ll try to get it posted to the website.  In the meantime, here are a few pics from this last week’s winter commute.

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Milltown, Mukluks & Adventure Rides

Mukluk 2 - Photo credit:


On Tuesday evening, I had the fortune of meeting Ben and Curtis, the good folks at Milltown Cycles in Faribault, MN.  Unless you go there, you won’t believe what kind of amazing bike shop can be found within a town of 20,000.   Both Ben and Curtis are helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about bikes, and his knowledge and enthusiasm are evident in only a short visit.  They’ve also got a great blog, here:  Best of all, they actually ride fatbikes, so their recommendations and suggestions come from experience.

On Tuesday night, I went to Milltown not only to check out this great shop I’d heard and read about, but to join on a ride they were hosting (an informal night trail ride).  There was a group of about 8 riders, primarily on fatbikes (though the group did not discriminate and was lead by a gentleman who was riding a singlespeed 29er so smoothly and easily that you’d think the bike had its own motor).

We cranked out about 10 miles that felt like 20 (hilly singletrack in the dark turns out to be challenging).  Not only was the ride awesome, but I got to meet some great folks, and found out more about this great shop I’d heard several people suggest was worth a visit to Faribault.  Thanks to Ben and Curtis at Milltown for the great ride and for showing me around your awesome shop.


Many of you have heard about the new titanium Mukluk, the Mukluk 3 (a nicely outfitted but fairly entry level aluminum fatbike), and the Mukluk 2 (an upgraded stock Mukluk with Rolling Darryl rims, eThirteen cranks and other niceties).  They’ve started rolling into local bike shops.  I was in Milltown on the 11th, and they were expecting 10 or so Mukluks on the 12th.   At least half of them were already pre-sold though, so if you want one you should call them or go check them out soon.   One of the gents we were riding with had a nicely outfitted Mukluk 2, and it looked pretty sweet.

For more photos and a description of the new Mukluk 2, check out the post by Milltown here:  Mlltown was also getting the new Salsa frame bags (designed by Revelate) and various other fatbiking goods.  While it’s hard to believe Faribault could be a fatbiking Mecca, it’s certainly not far from that, with a bike shop and bike shop owner that are very big fatbike advocates.  Check them out!

Adventure Rides

I like the “Full On” blog (  As it turns out, he’s organizing a fatbike adventure ride on Saturday October 15th in Eagan, MN.  While I won’t be able to be there, I’d like to be.  If you have a fatbike and are in or near the twin cities metro, you might want to check it out.  Find details here:  If you are organizing a fatbike ride, and can give me a few days’ notice, I’ll try to get it up on the Rides & Races page on

Until then, enjoy the ride.

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Fatbikes get some attention at Interbike 2011

It should come as no surprise to fatbike riders that fatbikes are turning some heads at Interbike this year (2011).  Take a look at this terrific article featuring

the beautiful Fatback bike from Speedway Cycles in Alaska.  I’m hoping to hear more from Speedway and possibly feature some info about their bikes, fatbike photos and more here at Ride Fatbikes, but in the meantime you should definitely see the good press from mtbr magazine.

Fatbike popularity, use, and options available should continue to improve and grow, which is good for fatbike riders, bike/equipment manufacturers, bike shops, cyclists, and bike advocates.  Let’s keep the momentum flowing – tell your friends about or follow on Twitter (@RideFatbikes) so we can spread the good word.


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