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Happy New Year!

Photo credit: (elm creek park 12-31-11)

Happy New Year everyone!  Last year, in the last month of the year, we had over 4000 visitors at  This site has really grown, and I appreciate those of you who are regular readers, regular commenters, and everyone who has helped with the growth and popularity of this site.

In 2012, we hope to continue to serve the fatbike community as a resource for reviews, fatbike photos (at, fatbike resources (at and cool events (like the Fatbike Frozen Forty coming on February 25 of this year.

Speaking of the Triple F, some cool things are coming together.  Platinum sponsor Twenty2 Cycles (from Colorado) has played a major role in planning and coordinating various aspects of this event, and we thank them particularly!  Not only have they helped with planning and coordination, but they’ll be coming to MN with a titanium fatbike (their “Bully”) that you can see on the 25th. I was out on the trail at Elm Creek yesterday, and it’s a beautiful ride in a terrific park (Elm Creek is one of the jewels of the Three Rivers Park District).

Sponsors such as Cognition Caps, Bar Mitts and Braaap Bars have all contributed some awesome schwag for prizes and give-aways (all registered riders will be eligible for these prizes).  We’ve got other sponsors in the works who may have additional cool things to give away that you won’t want to miss.  If you want to register right away, registration is going to go through (view the event registration page here).  Note that the fee will go up shortly before the event, so to save a few bucks, sign up early.

This will be a “no profit” event, meaning the hard costs are anticipated to exceed the registration fees.  If we have registration fees in excess of hard costs, we will apply those proceeds to the post-race dinner/gathering open to all riders in the afternoon/evening of the 25th.  We depend on riders and sponsors to help support the costs of this event.

Plan to spend the day on the 25th, as the ride will begin around 9am, and one category (to determine Champion of the Triple F) will be most miles logged by 3pm (for those who really want an endurance test).  After the ride, we’ll have a post ride gathering in or around the Maple Grove/Champlin area.  If anyone has contacts at Surly or Summit, maybe they’d even like to contribute a few beers for us to sample?  🙂

Finally, want to show your support and enthusiasm for the Fatbike Frozen Forty?  We’ll post the ride flyer here in the next few weeks, and you’re welcome to help by circulating the flyer.  In the meantime, maybe you want to wear a New Era baseball cap with Fatbike Frozen Forty custom embroidery?  If so, pick one up for less than $25 from, here.

Happy 2012 – and we hope to see more fatbikes on the trails in the year to come.  Thanks for spreading the word about!

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A good word for the Triple D and Hillside Cold Bear Challenge

Photo submitted by Andy W ( reader)

Fatbike events are fairly easy to find this year, if you live in or near Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin particularly.  The best fatbike calendar out there (in my opinion) is the fatbike event calendar from Twenty2 Cycles, found here.

Outside of the Fatbike Frozen 40 (brought to you by with lots of help from our primary sponsor and collaborator Twenty2 Cycles) there are two great events that deserve extra attention – Triple D (in Dubuque, IA) and the Hillside Cold Bear Challenge (Elk River, Minnesota).

Cold Bear Challenge – Elk River, MN

First, the Cold Bear Challenge racing series is in its sixth year, so this is one of the most established long-standing events around.  This year’s Cold Bear Challenge is a three-race series, with the first race in the series on January 8, 2012.  You can get more details at the MORC site, here, or at the Twenty2 Cycles event calendar, here.  Although I haven’t been to these races before, I’d like to make it happen this year.  With a 7.5 mile loop on groomed trail, this should be an awesome time.  Make sure to put one or all of the races in this series on your calendar and support local MN fatbike events!

Triple D – Dubuque/Dyersville, IA

Second, the Triple D (in Iowa) is one of the first fatbike events I’d heard of, other than the incredibly well respected and somewhat daunting Arrowhead 135.  The Triple D proves that Iowa knows how to make fatbikes feel welcome.  Lance Andre, the Triple D event organizer, is one of the nicest and most helpful folks I’ve run into in the fatbike community (and that is in a group of a ton of helpful and friendly folks).   The event date (January 15th) and a quick summary can be found at the Twenty2 Cycles calendar, here.  For the full story, check out the Triple D website.

A quick visit to the Triple D website ( will show you this event has its act together.  They have lodging options, ideas for family fun for those who aren’t riding in the event, photos, race information, links and more).

Triple D is a very established event as well, drawing approximately 100 racers a year (in biking, running and skiing disciplines) with a following from all over the country.  This is not a race for the casual or unmotivated rider – it’s a 65-mile self-supported ultra endurance race in frigid tundra in January.  If you’re up for a challenging and well-organized fatbike race to test your endurance (and don’t want the 135 miles of the Arrowhead 135) – this might be the race for you.  It’s coming up in a few short weeks (January 15, 2012) so get it on your calendar now!

Bottom line

The organizers of both of these events (Cold Bear Challenge and Triple D) have been extremely helpful and supportive of the Fatbike Frozen 40.  Whether or not you’ll be riding the Fatbike Frozen 40, please be sure to give some thought to signing up for the Cold Bear Challenge and the Triple D.

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Fatbike Frozen Forty (Triple F) moved to Feb 25, 2012

Complete the form below (in this post) to be on the preliminary registration/early sign-up list.

Photo credit: reader Craig S

For everyone who has been following or expressed an interest in riding in or sponsoring the Fatbike Frozen Forty, it has now been moved to Saturday February 25, 2012 (the Fatbike State Championship Fatbike Rally).  It was originally set for February 11th, but the Cold Bear Challenge (the 3-race fatbike series at Hillside) has its last race on February 12th.

In an effort to avoid conflict with the riders and organizers of the Hillside Cold Bear Challenge series, many of whom might be interested in riding at Fatbike Frozen Forty, I’ve arranged to have our event moved.  This way, people who want to race on the 12th, and those who want to test their mettle at the 40-mile middle distance endurance event (Fatbike Frozen Forty) can do each, on separate weekends.  Their event has been around a long time, so we’d like to keep a cooperative energy between these two events.

We’ve also planned around QBP’s Frostbike weekend, so dealers, bike shops and mechanics who might be interested in coming out to sponsor, display product or ride can do so without missing any of the Frostbike festivities (which are the weekend before the 25th).

Consider this the capstone fatbike event in Minnesota for the winter – the Fatbike State Championship, if you will.  While this won’t be a race, the “state championship” is a chance to ride with people you’ve seen at other races throughout the season, and test your own endurance or just come out for a fun ride in a 40-mile singletrack snow ride.

So, if everyone who is interested in riding in, cross-promoting, sponsoring, or supporting this event can reserve February 25h, 2012, we’ll be off to a great start.  It will be held at Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove (  on the singletrack (newly developed and opened this past summer).

Next, we need to assemble a preliminary list of riders and sponsors.  There are going to be event costs, such as insurance, food, etc. that we need your help with.  We’ll be asking sponsors to contribute what they can, and likely asking for a small registration fee to offset event costs (perhaps in the $15-25 range) depending on rider numbers (we don’t plan to profit from the event, but simply recover some of the costs).  Use the contact form at the top of this page to provide your name and confirm your interest in the event.

Our flagstone sponsor is Twenty2 Cycles, from Colorado.  Please take a moment to check out their website and their beautiful titanium fatbikes, here:

We have other sponsors who will be involved in various capacities as well, and are still looking for bike shops, fatbike and component companies, and others who might be willing to donate help, dollars, or product (or even to exhibit at the event).  Please thank and support Twenty2 Cycles for their role as the first sponsor, as they have offered a great deal of help and going support.  They may even have one of their beautiful titanium frame “Bully” fatbikes on display at the event!

If you can’t make it to the Fatbike Frozen Forty, submit photos of your fatbike or your event, letting us know where you’ve been riding this year, and we’ll place it on the Fatbike Gallery (

We’ve heard from lots of possible riders, but need to get a more certain list of who will be riding (to be able to plan accordingly) so please take a moment to complete the pre-registration form below.

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Winter commuting in MN

Last week, I was fortunate to commute by bike to work twice in the week.  It was cold, but the small amount of snow we had so far was gone so the streets were free of the icy conditions that can make bike commuting even more dangerous.  On Friday (December 2nd) the temp was 14 degrees as I rode into work in the morning, and it didn’t get much warmer by evening.  However, as many winter bikers and fatbikers know, dressing for the weather makes all the difference.

I typically don’t bike commute much in winter due to ice/snow on streets making it even more difficult than usual to stay safely clear of cars, but the rides this week were great.  By bike, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of winter that are always missed when you drive.  I kept some warm coffee in a Polar Bottle in my frame bag, and at stoplights I had a chance to refuel and warm up with some piping hot coffee.

Let’s hear some winter commuting stories!  Share your favorite winter commuting experiences, stories or pics on   Add a comment to this post or email me and I’ll try to get it posted to the website.  In the meantime, here are a few pics from this last week’s winter commute.

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Fatbikes at Resorts – The Beginning

Screaming down groomed trail by fatbike

Screaming down groomed trail by fatbike

In my biased opinion, one of the best things to come from the Ride Fatbikes website is the community that it creates, and the fact that all fatbike riders can share their experiences and ideas to improve the ride for everyone else.

Just this week, one reader (Andy W), sent a photo and a link to an awesome article on  As it turns out, Andy was lucky enough to ride a fatbike screaming down a groomed XC ski trail in Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.  Fatbikes and groomed cross country ski trails are a perfect match, except for the fact that I’m aware of very few XC ski trails that would invite or welcome fatbikes to share the trail.

As it turns out, I’m also a snowboarder.  While I took up the sport after resorts had begun welcoming snowboarders (and the amazing commercial opportunity resorts got from allowing snowboarders), there was a time where only skis were welcome, and snowboarders were considered houligans.

Maybe some day in the future fatbikes will find more XC ski trails and resorts open to them as well.   Hopefully Grand Targhee resort is just the beginning.

Kudos to Grand Targhee resort ( in Alta, WY for welcoming the fatbike!  Kudos to Andy for blazing new trails, and thanks for sending the photo and article!  The article, written by Dave Byers, can be found at, here:

Are any other readers finding XC ski trails or other awesome trails to explore by fatbike this season?  Leave a comment so we can all learn what’s going on across the country as the fatbike community continues to grow.




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Keep an eye on the Bully

When the Bully comes storming in, heads will roll.

Twenty2 Cycles Bully (pic1)

Our friends over at Twenty 2 Cycles in Colorado ( have been working on some amazing new bikes, beautifully handcrafted in titanium in the good ole US of A.  Of particular interest is the Bully, a titanium fatbike that appears to be ready for a fight with the snow.

The fine-looking ti Bully featured here is a 1 x 10 version lots of clearance – Big Fatty Larry’s are welcome.  The finish features custom bead blasting, with a 44mm headtube, Cane Creek Angleset Headset, BFL’s on 80mm Rolling Darryls.  Total weight?  27.8 pounds.

I think my first BMX bike was about 27.8 pounds, so that’s amazing for a bike with 4″ wide tires that conquers snow, sand and trail.

Twenty2 Cycles Bully (pic2)

Looking for a custom fatbike built of titanium with the specs and parts you want, built for the long-haul?  Be sure to check out Twenty 2 Cycles.  Want to see one in person in Minnesota?  Be sure to check out the Fatbike Frozen 40 on February 11, 2012 (more details coming soon).   If titanium is more than you are looking for, Twenty 2 Cycles indicates they will be launching steel fatbikes soon too.

What is the story on Twenty 2 Cycles?  Here’s what they have to say…

Twenty2 Cycles Bully (pic3)

Twenty2 Cycles is fabricating handcrafted titanium and steel bike frames in the heart of the Rocky Mountians.  All Twenty2 Cycles frames begin with careful selection of the highest quality tubing available.  Our Vail, Colorado-based team transforms these USA-made raw materials into the finest frames on the market.  We have innovative frame designs to cover most aspects of cycling, which currently includes 29er and traditional 26 inch mountain bikes, cyclocross, road, bmx, and our two “Bully” fatbike/snowbike models. Whether it be full custom or one of our existing designs, at Twenty2 Cycles we are passionate about our product and take great pride in crafting dream bikes that are “Born, Tested, and Perfected” in the Rocky Mountains.

Find a video about their Bully, here:

Or, check out their fatbike events and rides calendar:

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Lots of new fatbike products & developments - "Bully" snowbike

Photo submitted by ( reader)

In checking out a few recent posts and updates from Surly, Salsa, Speedway Cycles (home of the Fatback in Alaska), Twenty2 Cycles (handmade fatbikes in Vail Valley, CO) and elsewhere, it appears the 2011-2012 fatbike season is going to showcase significant new and redesigned products.

New Developments.

  • Surly has a new colored (powdercoated) red, white or green Rolling Darryl rim, to add to their new Clownshoe rim, their Big Fat Larry tires, and their other recent developments.  They’ve got a new Black Ops Pugsley, the Moonlander, and some cool new tire options.  Check out Surly’s parts section of their site here.
  • Salsa has a Mukluk 2 complete, a Mukluk 3 complete, and a Ti Mukuluk, so the options for someone looking for a ready-to-go fatbike or those who want to build from a frame are plentiful, even if you look no farther than the Salsa brand.  View the Mukluk options here.
  • Other brands, like the Fatback, continue to revamp and improve their line, and the Fatback blog (here) has some great information about their newly redesigned fatbike frames, photos, and explanation of the benefits of their chosen geometry.
  • Twenty2  Cycles (a sponsor of the upcoming Fatbike Frozen 40, February 11, 2012) has a beautiful titanium fatbike they are just launching, called the Bully.  They’ve just dropped all the new low-down on this amazing looking ride at their site, which you can view here.  These guys are hitting the fatbike world hard, and were just mentioned in a recent Outside magazine blog, here.  The stunning ti fatbike you see featured in this post is the Bully from Twenty2 Cycles (more at, on Facebook at  and Twitter: @Twenty2Cycles).

One of each, please.

If any of the above companies are reading this, I’d like one of everything, please.  It all looks awesome.  For readers of this site, please let us know what new bikes and products you think are the most significant developments or of the most interest to you.  If you’re already rocking some of the new stuff, feel free to leave a comment to let others know.  Or, if you don’t want to send me the products for free but would like to get the word out, feel free to send some photos of your new fatbikes or fatbike products to Brad At ride Fatbikes dot Com, or drop me a line letting me know you’d like to sponsor the site.

Where should you go looking for a fatbike? 

If you are in Minnesota, I highly recommend a few local shops.  Milltown Cycles (in Faribault, MN), Angry Catfish (in Mpls), and Freewheel Bike (in Mpls and Eden Prairie) are all “fatbike friendly”, knowledgeable, and good folk.  If you are looking somewhere other than MN, I’d recommend you take a look at the Fatbike Library ( and look at the listed shops.  If you don’t see your favorite listed, leave a Comment.


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Kudos to Elm Creek

Photo Credit:

Last weekend I had the opportunity to test out the new singletrack bike trails at Elm Creek Park (part of the Three Rivers Park District in Maple Grove, MN).  These trails were developed in cooperation with MORC (Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists), and feature 12.7 miles of beautifully engineered and maintained, recently-opened singletrack.  More information about the Elm Creek Singletrack trails can be found at the Three Rivers Park District website, here:

When I was riding the trails, they were reasonably quiet.  While there were other riders out there, the singletrack has enough forks and branches that the trails don’t get overloaded too easily.  In the photos below, you can see that while the trails are tight and twisty in spots, there are great views (particularly in fall), fun rolling and twisting runs, and plenty of challenge without the rock gardens, log-hopping and some of the other mountain bike obstacles that others enjoy but which I can easily do without.  I’m out to ride, not to run a trials course.  For fatbikers who share that mentality, these trails rock!

Plus, for families looking for a great place to spend a day enjoying family activities beyond mountain biking, Elm Creek features disc golf, hiking, horse trails, paved walking/biking/running trails, picnic areas, amazing playground areas, beach/swimming area, cross-country ski/snowshoe trails and more. is a fan of Elm Creek Park.  See photos below featuring the Elm Creek singletrack, taken on September 24, 2011.

Kudos and thanks to Elm Creek, MORC, Three Rivers Park District, and everyone involved in developing these great trails.

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Expanding the Fatbike Gallery

In the explosive growth of fatbikes, I’ve noticed that many fatbike riders take their bikes on epic rides, in amazing places.  Plus, fatbikes represent different things to different people.  Some use their fatbikes for loaded touring in unique adventures; others use fatbikes for recreational snow riding.  Some fatbike riders ride beaches, some commute by fatbike, and others live for snow bike racing in extremely cold and challenging conditions.

The Fatbike Gallery was developed to allow current fatbike riders and enthusiasts to have a place to share pics from fatbike adventures and recent fatbike rides, to show off photos of their own fatbike builds, and to see what other fatbike riders are up to.

Since there are people on the sidelines wondering what fatbikes are about and what makes fatbiking worthwhile, the gallery might push them to explore fatbiking for themselves.

In the short time since the Fatbike Gallery was developed, we’ve had photo submissions from the following individuals/blogs/companies, and we hope they keep coming:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted fatbike photos to the gallery, and please continue to do so!  When someone wants to see great photos of fatbikes in cool venues and adventures, they should have to look no farther than

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Fatbikes get some attention at Interbike 2011

It should come as no surprise to fatbike riders that fatbikes are turning some heads at Interbike this year (2011).  Take a look at this terrific article featuring

the beautiful Fatback bike from Speedway Cycles in Alaska.  I’m hoping to hear more from Speedway and possibly feature some info about their bikes, fatbike photos and more here at Ride Fatbikes, but in the meantime you should definitely see the good press from mtbr magazine.

Fatbike popularity, use, and options available should continue to improve and grow, which is good for fatbike riders, bike/equipment manufacturers, bike shops, cyclists, and bike advocates.  Let’s keep the momentum flowing – tell your friends about or follow on Twitter (@RideFatbikes) so we can spread the good word.


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