Fatbikes in Summer?

Do you ride your fatbike all year?

Fatbikes are often associated with snow, and adventure rides in winter.  They are also great fun in summer.  Their stability and huge tires make trail and even paved riding a good time year ’round.

If you ride a fatbike, does it sit on the sidelines in the summer, or how are you using it?  Please post your stories so others can be inspired by or live vicariously through your fatbike stories.

Also, don’t forget that we’re trying to organize the Fatbike Frozen Forty (Triple F) in February 2012.  If you’re interested in helping as a sponsor (great opportunity for bike shops, bike manufacturers, and gear/clothing vendors), drop us an email or comment.

Or, if you’re interested in riding or want to suggest a fun 40-mile route in or near the Twin Cities MN metro area, let us know while this is still in the planning stages – without your help this won’t happen.



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5 responses to “Fatbikes in Summer?

  1. Sweet!!!
    Since getting my Surly Pugsley, all my other bikes are hanging in the garage, and one is sold!!
    Fat bikes have brought the joy of biking back in a big big way!!!
    It’s my go anywhere, do anything, no trails needed riding bike!!
    I’ve linked your site, and the Triple F to my blog.
    All the best and hopefully if life doesn’t get in the way, I can join in the Fat bike fun in February!!!

    Peace, Joboo

  2. Certainly interested in riding! I live in Saint Paul.

  3. I ride my fat bike all year round here in Scotland in the UK being a beachrider, most fun bike i have owned ever!


  4. Just got my Mukluk, but since I’m in sunny socal I intend to ride it all the time. I’ve already done some urban exploring with it and I look forward to doing a commute on it soon. Fat bikes are make ya smile bikes!

    Check out my blog for some pics. Here’s a sample.

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