Help us promote is  a new website/blog/discussion community for those who ride or want to know more about fatbikes.  Fatbikes, such as the Salsa Mukluk, Surly Pugsley, Fatback, 9:Zero:7 and other bikes designed around ultra-wide rims and 4″ tires are great for snow, beach, and trail riding.  They are known as the bikes that make riding snowmobile trails, snowshoe trails and frozen lakes a reality.

Fatbikes are a unique genre of bikes with explosive growth in recent years.  Cyclists who ride fatbikes often use these bikes as a way to expand their cycling opportunities into winter trail riding, or to access beaches and trails which typically can’t be ridden on a “normal” bike.

Fatbikes often draw questions and interest.   For those who ride fatbikes, you already know what makes fatbikes amazing.   If you’re new to fatbikes, this site provides info about where to ride, what bikes are available, and even shops where you can check them out.  Or, leave a comment below and let the other experts who visit tell you about why they love fatbikes.

Please tell your friends about  We are looking for sponsors as well, so leave a comment if you’re interested in using to bring attention to your race, product, or site.


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3 responses to “Help us promote

  1. Jim Fisher

    Milltown Cycles in Faribault MN just built two Mukluks for test rides. These bikes will not be for sale but will be available to actually take out and test, ya can’t get test a fatbike if you can’t get it dirty

    • Jim – that’s great to hear! I’ve been meaning to check out the Milltown Cycles shop; sounds like a great place for bike enthusiasts! For our readers, hopefully your Mukluk test bikes present an opportunity for more future fatbike riders to find out how much fun fatbikes are. Ride Fatbikes!

      :Maybe you want to bring a couple test bikes and a rider or two out to Triple F in February?!

  2. I love the new site! A great way to get the word out about fatbikes:)

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